Using PHP, Java and C programming, on stand-alone or server-based structures, our software engineers bring the hardware to life. Their main goal is to find the easiest, most intuitive and interactive ways to accomodate our customers’ specific requirements.


Simply providing sensor data from a multitude of points can overwhelm a company’s ability to process and make sense of the information. True awareness cannot be achieved by simply collecting sensor data. Instead, we need to be able to analyze the data and extract meaningful information from it.


The two main software functions (data management and the control over the system’s components) have been completed by data mining tools that bring real-time, actionable intelligence to the system’s users. Also, our software interfaces are open and adaptable to third-party hardware and software developers.


According to a project dimensions and requirements, our software solutions use several database structures. For smaller projects, with limited data input, we are using PostgreSQL or MySQL databases. When dealing with large projects, controlling and supervising millions of devices, we use ORACLE databases instead.


Beyond functionality and processing speed, data security is also an important issue when planning for our database structures. Depending on the strategic importance of our projects and on the specific security policies of our customers, we can accommodate advanced proactive and reactive layered security protocols in order to minimize tempering risks and insure database integrity.


We do not believe in closed, limited systems. Our software solutions are not limited to managing only our hardware. We can manage multiple third-party components and applications, using open or licensed proprietary protocols.


Furthermore, we have successfully integrated our solutions with other customer-specific software, like SAP and other ERPs. We can adapt to third party software solutions, and transfer any needed information into other software applications that our customer might be using already.