Electronics R&D and Prototyping

The electronics research and development team investigates all the potential courses of action based on the project’s specifications. They choose the best available technical solution and start designing the necessary circuits.
After the circuit test simulation and optimization, CAD software is used to upload the plans and complete the PCB design. The appropriate components are selected taking into account the performance requirements, available space and target costs.
Finally, a zero prototype is manufactured and tested in detail using the oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers in our own electronics certification lab.

Embedded software

The functionality of the electronic devices is implemented at microcontroller level by the embedded software team. The communication with other electronic components of the system is always designed in the spirit of interoperability, making it easy to integrate other applications.
PRIME and LonMark open communication standards are used with most of our products today. Depending on the hardware design, we can program data gathering or communication chips also using third-party proprietary protocols.


The manufacturing department is in charge with the PCB’s mass production, using manual and automatic SMD and THT assembly. We can produce and test components protected up to IP66, as many of our products have to withstand extreme weather conditions.
Quality testing is a major part of the manufacturing process. Considering the high level of quality required from our products, we have developed specific QA procedures and software applications. Every product passes through successive quality control stages, from component to end-product.
All Flashnet’s products are CE certified and the manufacturing process respects ISO9001 quality management and ISO14001 environmental protection standards. Multiple automatic quality inspection points insure that all our products meet the required characteristics, implementing corrective and preventive actions and driving a continuous production process improvement.

Integration of third party solutions

Crowd innovation stands before proprietary solutions when trying to perfectly adapt to your customer’s requirements plan. Therefore, we build systems that integrate components from different producers and that support future upgrades and addons.
Today, the need for interconnection is becoming more compelling, so we want to make sure that our solutions can be easily integrated with other systems and applications. We prefer using open communication protocols, but we can adapt and integrate even licensed proprietary solutions into our products and systems.

Testing and certification

We own high quality laboratory equipment for hardware development and product certification. Our electrical and electronic hardware devices are rigorously controlled to ensure they meet the safety, reliability and compatibility standards and regulations before starting mass production.
Furthermore, different world markets require different types of certifications in order to allow management systems implementation. Our new research and certification lab was built in 2014 to support all the necessary testing in order to prove diverse local regulation compliance.