inteliCITY® Unlimited integrations. Centralized city management.

inteliCITY architecture

Say goodbye to the challenges of interoperability, lack of standardization, and data ownership concerns. Our integrated platform uses a two-layer technology, inteliCITY® Software and the IoT Connectivity Platform, to unlock a future-proof, centralized and efficient city management experience.

inteliCITY software
inteliCITY® software

Everything in one place. Forget about multiple data streams and multiple applications for different functions, now you can focus on what’s important, rely on automations to get things done and base any optimization decisions on a wealth of available data. Everything with a sleek, clean, efficient and mobile-friendly design.

IoT Connectivity Platform

The silent powerhouse behind the inteliCITY solution and operating behind the scenes, the platform is integrated with interoperability standards such as TALQ or uCIFY, along with a robust suite of APIs.

Its capability to bridge multiple communication standards enables direct links to a diverse array of sensors and actuators scattered across the urban landscape, regardless of the application or provider. Also, it integrates data from various software applications, ensuring they all converge within the inteliCITY Software.

inteliCITY IoT connectivity platform